TEGG Testing & Maintenance

Duke Electric has been a proud licensee of the TEGG Corporation since 1997.

TEGG is a national network of premier electrical contractors providing guaranteed, electrical predictive/preventive maintenance and diagnostic testing services.

What Is TEGG?

TEGG is a premier provider of electrical preventive maintenance services. Duke Electric is proud to be the only certified TEGG Service Contractor in the Texas Panhandle, South Plains and Eastern New Mexico areas.

Protect your electrical distribution system – and even your entire facility with the TEGG preventive maintenance program. TEGG offers customized solutions, which pay for themselves by helping you avoid unplanned power outages and electrical fires. What are some of the top reasons for implementing a TEGG Service preventive maintenance program?

  • Business Interruptions: Power surges, spikes, transients, and poor preventive maintenance can cause damage on a regular basis. These events wear down components and eventually cause premature failure. The more power your facility uses, the greater the risk of failure. Electrical failures are inevitable without preventive maintenance.
  • Life/Safety Risks: According to the National Fire Protection Association, “A well-administered electrical preventive maintenance program will reduce accidents, save lives, minimize costly breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns of equipment.”
  • Utility Costs: The National Energy Management Institute states that, “Improperly torqued connections and bad contacts cause increased amperage draw and power loss as well as heating and arcing (which is both ineffective and dangerous).” Without preventive maintenance, the distribution system can waste electricity, costing you more in utility bills.
  • Power Quality Analysis: Power quality problems cause loss of data and malfunction of computerized equipment.
  • Surge Suppression: Surge protection systems protect your facility from lightning damage and transients.
  • Insurance/Certification: Insurance companies lose millions of dollars each year due to electrical failure. When insurance companies lose, so do their customers. More and more, insurance companies are encouraging their customers to participate in electrical preventive maintenance. It’s a savings for all.
  • Asset Management: The average life expectancy of your electrical distribution system is only 17 years when electrical preventive maintenance is not performed. When your electrical system is cared for, its life expectancy can be 35 years.
    Manufacturers’ Recommendations: All manufacturers of electrical equipment require periodic maintenance. A TEGG Service Contractor can meet those requirements and maximize the life of your facility’s electrical distribution system.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: Let us work with you to perform a cost benefit analysis to determine the value of electrical preventive maintenance in your particular facility.

Testing And Maintenance

TEGG has gained a reputation as the premier service provider in the industry and has developed an established process for protecting your facility and reducing costly repairs.

Let our staff assist you with a preventative maintenance program, which includes a variety of tools and solutions to meet your needs, such as:

    • Certified Infrared Thermography
    • Certified Power Quality Analysis and Correction
    • Certified Ultrasonic Inspection and Testing
    • Surge Protection Analysis and Correction
    • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Short Circuit and Coordination Studies
    • VLF, Power Factor, Dissipation Factor and Partial Discharge Testing
    • DC Protective Circuitry and Control Wiring Operational Validation and Documentation
    • Relay Testing and Calibration
    • Substation and Switchyard Maintenance and Testing
    • SF6 and Insulating Oil Sampling and DGA Analysis
    • Transformer Testing and Maintenance
    • PDMA Motor Testing Diagnostics and Analysis
    • Cable Termination and Testing
    • Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing to 345 kV
    • Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear Testing & Maintenance
    • UPS and DC Backup Power System Testing & Maintenance
    • Customized Coordinated Outage and Turnaround Maintenance Programs
    • Continuous Permanent Online Accissible Power Monitoring and Recording
    • Third Party Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and Documentation
    • All Testing and Maintenance complies with NFPA 70E