A total commitment to safety is first and foremost at Duke Electric . We are dedicated to a completely safe and accident free workforce on each and every project. We utilize a proactive, dedicated full time safety manager, backed by a 100% management commitment to continually ensure the safety of our employees and the work environment.


At Duke Electric we are extremely proud of our safety record, achievements and improvements. We strive every day, proactively, to find new ways and areas to improve from a safety standpoint. We are top-rated and listed in ISN, AVETA, BROWZ, and SMI safety management companies. Please contact us for additional safety record information.


We are dedicated to providing a Safe Workplace for our employees as well as our customers. We are further dedicated to the protection of our environment, our customers’ sites and to the protection of the general public where they may come into contact with our business and activities.

The ‘Duke Electric Safety Plan’ is a minimum standard by which our work plans and procedures must be directed. In cases where we are also subject to the safety plans of customers, the most stringent standard will apply. In every case, it is the intent that all applicable laws and regulations will be exceeded to achieve a safe workplace.


Safety is the primary responsibility of every individual¬†as well as the company. Each employee is responsible for his own actions, and for recognizing and asserting the safety practices of others. Working on a different crew or assignment does not relieve this responsibility. Safety is everyone’s business. The drug and Alcohol Policy is an integral part of the ‘Duke Electric Safety Policy’.

Duke Electric provides safety training and guidance directed by the Safety Manager, project supervisors and various other programs. Competent people are available to inspect, direct and train our employees in sage practices. We also provide safety equipment and training on the use of the equipment. Each individual is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of personal protective equipment as well as tools and equipment for the job.